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Host your next fundraiser through Baking with Candice

At Baking with Candice we love to support groups whenever we can and now we are proud to introduce our fundraising program.


  First your group will have a variety of options to choose from to sell based on the size of your fundraising group.  Then, together we choose a start date and decide how long your group would like the fundraiser to run for (usually 2-3 weeks).  When we're close to selling time your group will get a link to share for anyone to support your organization.  Purchases will be made online using a credit card or PayPal or alternatively you can collect cash from those who don't want to place an order online and place it for them.  Seven days after your fundraiser is over, everyone will receive an email that their orders are available to pick up in store and be given a time frame to do so.  It's that easy!


Our fundraiser has an assortment of items to offer your supporters.  Four flavours of frozen cookie dough, five options for DIY dry mix boxes and two options for cookie decorating kits.


You will be able to earn 20% profit from all of your sales as well as enjoy some delicious baking!

Want to run a baking class as a fundraiser instead?  Now Baking with Candice offers classes as a way to raise money for your organization.  Together we pick the date and item being made.  There is a base cost per person and minimum registration number but your group may increase the cost of the class to raise money.  Your group will be in charge of registration for the class and collecting the funds as well as advertising for the class.  

Contact me to start your next fundraiser.


DIY Dry Mix Boxes Options:
-Oatmeal Chip
-Double Chocolate
-Chocolate Chip

Cookie Decorating

-3D Shaped Cookie Decorating Kit (left)

-Shaped Sugar Decorating Kit (right)

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